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Saving for a down payment
Saving funds for a down payment should be part of an overall program to get your finances in order prior to shopping for a home. This includes rounding up financial records, examining your spending habits, and setting a budget you can live with. Remember, too, that the down payment is not the only u ...
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Whats the best time of year to buy a house
The time of year you buy your house can affect pricing a great deal. In some states real estate sales slow down in the winter months and sellers will be more open to offers they may not have considered in the spring or summer markets. ...
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Buying a Home With a Low Down Payment
If you are a first time home buyer that is in the market for a new home there are many mortgage programs availible to you that offer low down payment or no down payment. These mortgage programs are availible through FHA, con forming and sub prime lenders. ...
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Top Sources for Down Payment
With home prices souring in the last several years, it has become harder to find the recommended 20% for down payment when purchasing a home- even in a cooling market. Do not despair- there are actually many several sources that you could use to help with your home's down-payment. One common ...
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Down Payment from 401K or 403B Retirement Annuity
If you are purchasing a home and have a substantial portion of your assets inside of a retirement account such as a 401K, 403B or other retirement product or annuity, you may choose the increasingly popular option of tapping those funds to make a down payment on your new home. Like any other accoun ...
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Sources for Down Payment funds
There are many acceptable ways to obtain some additional funds for a down payment and closing costs. First time home buyers and investors are more recently applying for 100% financing. If you have funds for a down payment and/or closing costs, this can help to reduce your interest rate. ...
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Down Payment Assistance Programs
Down Payment Assistance Programs (DAP's) have become common and necessary for individuals who want to obtain an FHA mortgage without any down payment. In a common practice when purchasing a home, the seller of a home would contribute up to 3% to a charitable organization. A buyer of the home would ...
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